Supply chain transparency: from supplier to shelf

  • An intelligent supply chain links suppliers, transportation, distribution, and end customers.
  • AT&T helps companies apply M2M technologies to improve revenues and increase satisfaction.

Predicting the future was an ability once claimed by only the mysterious and gifted, but today’s technologies can predict tomorrow’s outcomes with relative certainty. Suffice it to say, clairvoyants have been displaced by computer algorithms and smart devices, indispensable tools for any business today. Also vital to the health of any business is an intelligent supply chain that networks suppliers, transportation, distribution, and end customers. Visibility and effective control over this flow directly impacts a company’s overall success.

A perfect example of an intelligent supply chain can be seen in this short video that tells a retail story and shows how an array of machine-to-machine technologies, from cargo sensors that provide real-time location tracking and package condition, regardless of transportation mode. Or, merchandise tagging that enables retailers with inventory visibility right down to which store on what shelf, effectively making stores a viable part of a broader distribution model that can reduce stock outs for improved revenues and increased customer satisfaction.

Synchronizing customer demand with supplier capabilities is the magic formula for a competitive advantage. Watch the video below to see what a difference an intelligent, integrated supply chain can make for your business.

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