Taking AT&T to New Heights

My first post to you is special and unique in a few ways. First off, I am blogging from 35,000 feet on my way back to Milwaukee from Atlanta. Atlanta will soon by my home town but I’m not going to lie, if the weather was as cold as it was this December morning (23 degrees) I may have to call my new management team’s bluff on the hard sell of golfing year round!

Secondly, I write this from my mobile device, which I’ve become freakishly faster at typing on than my laptop keyboard – a feat that would have been rare a few years ago. This very act signifies a movement that we further demonstrate with the existence of this blog. The changes and evolution of the networking technology space have made it vital for you to have key, expert-driven information at your fingertips to help you make informed decisions. With the launch of this blog, we plan to do just that by offering insight into three key enterprise topics: cloud computing, mobility and security.

Cloud is hot… no, cloud is burning hot right now. The ads, articles, blogs, and so on have made “the cloud” something even my non-techie parents ask about (Now that’s scary.) As a social media evangelist, the excitement around cloud reminds me of the late-2008 buzz related to social media. When talking to our cloud experts I see this same enthusiasm for cloud as we move into 2011. And mobility? Well, that’s AT&T’s bread and butter. It’s the stamp on the company Fortune magazine ranks #7 on its 2010 Fortune 500 list and AT&T’s leadership in this space helped influence me to take this very role. As cloud and mobility transform the enterprise landscape, security has a play in these and other spaces, so it’s a natural fit.

So I have a question for you: When you saw that AT&T had a new blog, were you surprised to see the lack of product ads on the right banner? Be honest…. I am going to be straight forward with you as your Community Manager for this blog. (As a newbie, I can get away with saying this.) I predict this blog will become your “go to” place for expert advice in the networking technology space. As technology and the networking technology space evolve, so will our content. We have recruited and built a robust group of not only willing, but extremely able AT&T experts in the space to share experiences and knowledge and who vow to deliver remarkable content. From time to time, you may even see posts from C-Level AT&T executives. We are taking this blog very seriously.

What I want to make clear is that this will evolve into a primary source for fantastic information. Depending on what best suits your professional, as well as organizational needs, the blog has two tracks: Business Growth and Technology Innovation, the former being more strategic in nature and the later being more nuts and bolts.

I ask that you bear with us: truly remarkable content does not happen overnight. If it isn’t up to your standards and doesn’t give you the insight that you need, let me know—let our experts know—but stay respectful, of course (see our Blogging Guidelines). Be social – comment, share, and build a network with our experts. Do not hesitate to connect with our experts outside the blog (you can find their networks if you select the author’s name in a blog post). We’ve done everything from a technology standpoint to make connecting with our experts as easy as possible.

So, on behalf of the AT&T blogging team, I welcome you!

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