Taking Mobility Beyond the App

Mobile apps are transforming how businesses operate. But building and deploying mobile applications that work across multiple devices and operating systems — and across an array of job functions and processes — can be challenging. A recent study, Mobile Enters a Second, More Complex, Deployment and Implementation Phase, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AT&T highlights these challenges:

  • 37% of organizations have multiple platform and operation system users. 
  • 27% of the firms do not have the right mix and number of resources to develop smartphone/tablet applications.
  • 20% of the companies do not have the technical skills to build secure & scalable mobile apps.

Businesses seeking solutions to these challenges are looking to holistic solutions that deliver more than application services. Learn more about new solutions and approaches to mobility from Forrester and IDC analysts, along with AT&T thought leaders, by attending the following webinars:

  • On-Demand Webcast – Mobilize Enterprise Apps: As employees and customers use a growing range of mobile devices, many companies struggle to find the best way to mobilize their applications. New approaches for developing, implementing, and maintaining successful mobile enterprise applications are emerging. 
  • Closing the Deal with Mobile Apps for ManufacturersManufacturers have long relied on technology for product design, inventory management, production, and more. Now, higher customer expectations and diverse global demands are pressuring many to eradicate the information lag between the factory floor and sales and distribution channels.
  • Strengthening the Retail Experience with Mobile Apps: The advent of mobile technology has transformed the retail landscape, as customers turn to their mobile devices to shop, research, compare products, and interact with companies across a variety of different channels. Mobile apps are an increasingly important customer touch point, and retailers can strengthen customer loyalty by delivering a dynamic and interactive mobile app platform.
  • Building a Mobile Campus: Today’s college students have integrated mobile devices into the academic and social fabric of their campus life. Implementing the infrastructure to support an increasingly mobile-first campus requires academics institutions to make wise technology investments that optimize the teaching and learning environment.
From your workforce to your supply chain to your customers, your organization has an opportunity to take mobility beyond the application level, strategically embedding mobile strategies into your key processes. How is your business taking mobility beyond the app?


Asmara Hadi Director of Business Marketing AT&T About Asmara