Tapping Into The Genius Of Technology

The potential that lies in technology is in the mind and at the fingertips of individual genius. And every one of us has the potential to be that genius.

For any company, agency, or organization that is looking for ways to better the end user experience, a good first step is to listen to the collective individual, whether it is your user base, your own employees, or your constituents, because they comprise the greater combined voice that will truly determine if you are successful.

When I speak with organizations about “what does mobile success look like” I discuss how a great strategy can deliver mobile enablement.  And the result of mobile enablement is greater efficiencies, improved effectiveness, and error reduction for their work force.  None of this can be accomplished without champions of your organization that can step back from their daily routines and look through a consultant lens.

As a source of inspiration I suggest two books, The Mobile Wave by Michael Saylor and Citizenviille by Gavin Newsom.   The common element of both books is technology, but at a deeper level, these books are about the power of the end user:  the employee, the customer, the citizen. To take it one level deeper, how does a certain technology enhance or better the end user experience?


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What do you think? Are you tapping into the everyday genius of your employees and end users? In your opinion, what is the next technology that will transform the world as we know it?
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