Technology as an Alternative to Travel?

Have you found yourself wanting to do the right thing and “do your part” by helping to reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from your business travel? Have you had a challenge convincing your boss that there are still ways to meet effectively face to face with a client, while staying in the office? Are you considering this an effective way to get the job done and still save the company money?

What if you had a tool to help demonstrate that technology can provide a better solution than travel in many cases? Would the capability to predict and measure savings both in terms of money and GHG help you convince your boss that staying grounded, yet still being able to meet face to face with technology, was indeed a better option? Today’s technology gives the ability to collaborate, meet with important people and get the job done without all the traditional travel which uses a lot of time, money and effort.

You could take the time to give your input into our AT&T Carbon Impact Assessment Tool. If you are time crunched and need a great example of how technology is often a better option than travel, have a look at our new AT&T Carbon Impact Assessment Infographic.

How are you using technologies like telepresence and other tools to save time, money and effort? What do you see are the advantages for using technology-based meetings versus in-the-flesh meetings? We look forward to your comments on this important topic.
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