Technology Helps Address Demands in Student Services

Today’s economy is motivating many college students to reconsider the large, more expensive universities in favor of community colleges.  Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) in Ohio has experienced an influx of students which has put a stress on their information center.  Tri-C has 4,500 more students than it did just a year ago.

This increase in student load resulted in increased calls and was taxing the support system. Something had to be done to provide good customer service for the students, track the calls and carefully measure the time commitment from this load.

Today, students are expecting technology to assist in all areas of life — particularly in class registration.  Many more students are enrolling for online classes than before and easing that enrollment and processing was becoming overwhelming.  Lifestyle changes are important as Tri-C works to make its resources available during nontraditional hours for today’s always-on students.

Another challenge was in student service departments such as admissions and financial aid.  The fact that each of Tri-C’s three campuses had a different phone number added to the confusion and frustration for enrolling students.

Technology To the Rescue

Tri-C looked for assistance and AT&T developed a unique solution.  Using Cisco equipment, Tri-C had an integrated contact center implemented.  This allowed intelligent call routing saving frustrations of misplaced calls (for both caller and receiver). Bandwidth was increased carefully to meet present and anticipated future needs.

The enhanced network facilitated callers reaching the right person to quickly answer their questions.  Now students use the school’s website with the new system to apply and register, schedule classes and apply for financial aid.  The system might even smooth some of the pain of paying that tuition bill by streamlining the process!

This is a good example of how using the right technology can change the way a process is implemented.  Done the right way, it makes administrative processes much smoother and easier for people.  That is the essence of technology’s benefits.

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