Technology Leaders Forum: agility on the agenda

In today’s fast-paced world, your business has to be agile to grasp opportunities and overcome challenges. You have to anticipate change and adapt to win and keep winning.

An agile business has the right tools and the right attitude. Many traditional communications solutions don’t provide the agility and control you need to succeed. This is driving a shift to software-centric networking.

A software-centric architecture delivers on-demand capabilities. It lets businesses scale bandwidth, add or change services, and manage their networks in near real time. Virtualizing routers, switches, and other physical appliances – turning them into software apps running on commodity servers and other standardized hardware – lets us increase capacity much faster. And making those virtual network functions software-controlled allows customers to manage their own services in near-real time.

Companies can also take advantage of cloud connectivity. And they can use mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) to glean actionable business insight. With this, agility sparks innovation.

But none of these tools have the same power alone. Companies have to bring it all together with security and control on a global scale. They’re constantly evaluating their needs, challenges. And they’re looking for what solutions are available. Learning and evolving are vital across all industries. It doesn’t matter if you’re in financial services, fast food, or Formula One racing.

This is why AT&T holds events like the Technology Leaders Forum in Singapore. Senior executives will come together from across Asia Pacific on April 13-14, to discuss market trends, pressing issues, and exciting new opportunities.

Attendees can hear from several top speakers leading these discussions. Alan Peasland, head of Technical Partnerships at Red Bull Racing, will talk about the importance of agility in the high-pressure world of international motorsport. He’ll be joined by global AT&T experts, including: Tom Siracusa, distinguished member of technical staff, AT&T; Rupesh Chokshi, director, Product Marketing Management, AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions; Christina Cheng, assistant VP, Cloud Networking; and Sandy Verma, senior director for IoT Strategy and Solutions.

We apply the same approach to learning and evolution at AT&T. We know that we need to keep discovering and growing. We have a Regional Advisory Council made up of decision makers from Asia Pacific to help us do this. These influencers help us address the needs of multinational corporations in our region. This group is meeting before the Technology Leaders Forum. They will help us focus on the markets and tools most important to our customers.

I’ll take the opportunity at these meetings to listen to our customers. We want to know about their need for speed and agility. It’s from this feedback that new solutions and services are born.

Bernard Yee Regional President - Asia Pacific AT&T Global Service About Bernard