Technology Leaders Forum: Networking the Future

The pace of change in the enterprises of today is unprecedented. Demand for global service in every corner of the globe is coupled with rapidly changing technology – and they are both disrupting and aiding industries and business models.

To get ahead of the pack, it is no longer enough to adapt. Businesses that succeed are the ones that anticipate change; the ones that innovate.

Paradigm shift to a software centric networking world

We are witnessing a paradigm shift in networking.

It is a pivot from traditional hardware centric environments to network architecture that is software centric. This brings a new level of agility and control that businesses need to compete effectively. It does this by virtualizing routers and switches.

A software-centric architecture scales on demand. Business can add or change services and manage their networks securely in near real time. These services become software apps running on commodity servers and other standardized hardware. It also cuts costs and complexity.

Ensuring future innovation for networking

It does not stop there, it just gets better.

This technology is the platform for future innovation and the next-generation of networking. A software centric eco-system provides globally secure cloud connectivity from any device, whether it is wireline, mobile or part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The creation of this powerful, ubiquitous reach drives new innovation. And that innovation creates true competitive differentiation.

This is a game changer in the industry equivalent to the breakthrough impact of smartphones and tablets. Virtualization allows customers to do more than just manage Internet and network speeds. In the current model, companies buy different network hardware boxes to run specific functions, such as routers and firewalls. But think of how you’ve replaced your stereo with a streaming music app on your phone. It’s much more efficient. Upgrades happen at Internet speed. That’s virtualization.

In late 2014, we launched Network on Demand, the first SDN-enabled network service of its kind in the United States. The solution reinvents the customer experience by putting network control in their hands (i.e., increase or decrease their Ethernet bandwidth as needed in near-real time).

AT&T experts and speakers gather in Paris

This week, our experts and our customers are meeting in Paris, France. The AT&T Technology Leaders Forum (TLF) is about these seismic shifts in speed, global reach, and innovation. Senior executives will come together from across EMEA from June 1-2, in Paris to discuss market trends, current issues, and exciting new opportunities.

They will hear from several top AT&T speakers and experts, including:

  •          Tom Siracusa, distinguished member of technical staff, AT&T Labs
  •          Rupesh Chokshi, director of Product Marketing Management
  •          Tony Gasson, director of, UC and Collaboration Solutions
  •          Sandy Verma, senior director of IoT Strategy and Solutions

At AT&T, our customers’ voice is paramount. It drives our planning and helps to improve our services.

In addition to the TLF, we hold a Regional Advisory Council made up of decision makers from EMEA. We are grateful for the time each of the attendees take in sharing valuable feedback.

I’m certain the dialogue will help us develop new innovative services and drive greater value for our customers.


John Slamecka Regional Vice President Europe the Middle East and Africa AT&T About John