Telepresence Butterflies No More

I’ll admit to having butterflies the first time I hosted a telepresence session. It was after all, only the 2nd time I had ever participated in a telepresence meeting. Yet, there I was, not only participating, but hosting and bridging together a 12 location telepresence seminar. Had I known how easy it would be, there really would have been no need for the butterflies. It was a matter of pushing a button on the phone in the telepresence room, then pushing another button and dialing into a bridge.

Since then I’ve hosted, as well as presented, in a number of other meetings involving Telepresence Solutions.

Just a few short years ago, I traveled twenty-three hours to Singapore to provide a one hour presentation. Granted I stayed for the entire multi-day meeting. However, if we had the Telepresence Revolution back then, I could have saved myself over two days worth of travel, not to mention eliminating the travel related green house gas emissions from my journey around the world. Many organizations are realizing substantial savings by using telepresence for communication.

In my most recent telepresence call, it was a triple location session with myself in the U.S., the sales team and customer in Belgium and another speaker in France. The call duration was for 1.5 hours and instead of either traveling or not being able to see the other participants via a phone call, it was a simple walk over to one of our telepresence rooms and a click of a button. Voila! it was like being in the same room with Belgium and France.

Now, if only we had teleporter functionality, so I could have received some Belgium Chocolate and a Croissant from France. Ahh…. dreaming of future technology. For now, I’m thrilled to use this wonderful technology that lets me stay grounded, yet be able to see and interact with many people around the world.

You can find out more about how telepresence can help you and your business with Telepresence from AT&T. Be sure to see how this can be combined with AT&T Connect® Collaboration Services, which is what I use to host the AT&T Business Sustainability Advisory Council.

Are you tired of traveling? Have a fear of flying? Or like me, do you enjoy technology that is environmentally friendly? What are your thoughts on Telepresence? We look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.
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