Test Your Mobility IQ

What’s the first thing that happens when you hear the word test?

– Do your palms become sweaty?

– Can you feel your anxiety building?

– Or are you excited to see how you compare to your peers?

Unless you’re part of the 98th percentile of the population who claim to have the intelligence quotient of a Mensa member, you probably don’t much enjoy the act of test taking. Speaking from personal experience there’s never been a test, be it pop quiz, trivia, entrance exam, or physical fitness that I don’t derive great pleasure from once the test is over — as long as I perform well.

The speed of mobile

Make the jump with me to technology and how fast the space moves. Before the advent of mobility, Moore’s Law once was the standard for measuring the speed of advancement in technology.  Innovation and new capabilities in mobility are speeding advancements even faster than our previous standards. For example, when you purchase the latest device the next version is available a few months later. When downloading a mobile application, its not long before it needs to be refreshed with new features — for some apps, it feels like every day it’s time for an update. The point is we all aim to stay fresh when it comes to mobile technology.

Test your mobile knowledge

At AT&T, we’ve come up with a novel concept, we call it a Mobile IQ Test.  The test is a compilation of analyst facts and predictions in the enterprise mobile space. Individuals can test their mobile IQ on the traditional scale of 160 points, learn from their mistakes by reviewing analyst thought-leaderships pieces, and then share their results with colleagues and friends to see how they stack up.

Interested?  Take a stab at it yourself.  And no one is watching, so take it a couple times to rack up a high score prior to sharing.

If you’re so inclined, share your results in comments.

Happy test taking!

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