The AT&T Security Resource Center

  • Cyber security is one of the most pressing issues for companies today.

  • But only about a third of business leaders say they feel they know enough about security in the enterprise.

  • The AT&T Security Center can help both business and IT staff learn more about cyber security and how to safeguard their data and their brands.

Viruses. Worms. Phishing. DDoS. APT. Cross-platform malware.

In the past few years, words like these have gone from being strictly IT terms to part of our everyday corporate vocabulary. It seems that everyone is talking about cybersecurity. According to the Wall Street Journal CIO Network special report, three of the top five strategic priorities for CIOs in 2015 are security related.

And the concern over data security is likely to grow, driven by trends like bring your own device (BYOD) and increasing reliance on technology to carry out day-to-day business. Analyst firm Forrester predicts that at least 60 percent of brands will discover a breach of sensitive data in 2015.

But according to a study conducted by research center the Ponemon Institute, most members of corporate boards say they have only limited knowledge about cybersecurity.

That awareness gap is why we’re launching the AT&T Security Resource Center, a comprehensive collection of information, insights, and research that can help you protect your data and your brand.

Security from every angle

AT&T has long been among the leaders in cybersecurity strategies and solutions, and we’ll use our expertise to examine security issues from all angles, with updated content every week. Contributors will include experts from AT&T as well as other cyber security authorities.

If you’re on the business side, we’ll help you understand the risks your company faces from malicious attacks and the impact they can have on your corporate reputation, your customers, and your bottom line. We’ll also tell you about measures you can take outside of the IT environment to help safeguard your data.

If you’re on the IT staff, you’ll find information that can help you assess threats to your IT environment, reports on new cyber threats, and details on steps you can take to anticipate and prevent attacks.

The Security Resource Center will bring you:

  • The latest news from top technology media, bloggers, and AT&T insiders
  • Expert insights and research findings from cybersecurity leaders and analysts
  • Peer-to-peer conversations with other business leaders and technology professionals through our community features
  • Links to products and solutions that address your enterprise security issues
  • Live events that put you front and center at important conferences and seminars

The AT&T Security Resource Center has been optimized for PCs and mobile devices, so you can get the answers and insights you need anytime, from virtually any device. And because we know you’re pressed for time, we’ll deliver straight-forward content that tells you what you need to know without fluff.

The Security Resource Center was created to be just that, a resource. We want to create an interactive experience for you. Tell us what you think of it in the comments section below. Let us know what your biggest security concerns are, and we’ll try to address them in upcoming blogs and articles. Tell us what kind of information you need to stay up on security trends, and we’ll do our best to deliver it.

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