The Cloud Can Help You Manage the Most Important Roster – Yours

It’s been a long summer watching the Phillies lose, so I am excited that football season is almost here. In addition to the real teams that will take the field in September, thousands of virtual teams hit the gridiron in ever-popular fantasy leagues.

On Labor Day weekend when some of us are having barbeques and mourning the passing of another summer, others will be excitedly heading off to their Fantasy Football drafts, building their own dream teams to follow on game days.

To those football fans and fantasy team owners and managers, this is serious business. The points are all based on how well the drafted players do. In real football, if your running back is injured, there’s typically a back-up on the bench. Fantasy football doesn’t always work that way. So, you have to know your players’ status well before Sunday kick-off.

That’s why Pritesh Damani and his partners built something called FantasyBuzzer. Once you download it from your chosen app store, you load in your lineup, and it alerts you to changes in the status of your players. No more squinting at the bottom ticker on ESPN!

Anyone who has a fantasy team probably sees the value of the app. But beyond the app itself, how it came to be is also interesting. Pritesh’s app is built in the cloud. Small businesses can take advantage of the cloud to bring apps like this to market quickly and cost-effectively. Pritesh and his partners are launching the app on our AT&T Cloud Architect, and I couldn’t be more excited for them – and for us. I had a great conversation with Pritesh about his app and how he built it a few weeks ago. Press play below to listen.

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This year, I have talked to hundreds of developers and heard lots of really great ideas for apps. I feel like I was in on the ground floor of this one and am really thrilled to see a good idea come to life.

Speaking of things coming to life, to all you fantasy football managers out there, I know your team is real to you – and I hope you make it to your league’s Super Bowl. FantasyBuzzer might help you. Let us know if you check it out.

What apps are you using for personal and business efficiencies today? What are some of your “I wish I had…” ideas for apps?
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