Collaboration tools can help you boost efficiency, share knowledge, and enable innovation – but how can you be sure they’ll deliver on those promises? A 2013 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of AT&T found that poor adoption and a lack of integration between disparate tools are preventing successful collaboration.

While organizations worldwide are eager to encourage enterprise collaboration, many of the 151 business and IT executives surveyed by Forrester Consulting revealed that disconnected tools, systems and processes have a negative impact on collaboration. The study also shows that low adoption rates can mean that key content and expertise are not accessible.

Read the white paper to discover how organizations like yours are using collaboration tools, the common challenges they face, and Forrester’s key recommendations for delivering an integrated collaboration experience that provides measurable business value.


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In conducting an in-depth survey with 151 business and IT professionals responsible for their enterprise’s social and collaboration tools, Forrester found that the problem for many is an ever-increasing array of tools that, while individually valuable, are disconnected from one another as well as underlying business systems and processes. The answer lies in replacing disparate tools with a more integrated experience.