The New Face Of Customer Support

Today’s technological environment is at a tipping point. The promise of technology has been to make our lives simpler and more convenient, yet the proliferation of devices, networks, websites, and non-unified applications has created just the opposite effect.  Complexity still dominates, yet I believe we are on the cusp of a new era of design simplicity, integration, engagement, and user that will open new avenues of functional clarity.  Technology and application providers will be afforded the opportunity to engage with their customers differently, both in substance and style (dialogue and media) and provide support that has relevance to the user’s context and viewpoint.

As user experience (UX) engineering and design takes front and center stage, technology providers, and network providers in particular, will be making great strides in the coming years to simplify their customer touch points and functional processes. Doing so will create a more effortless customer experience.

Predictions For The Customer Experience Of The Future

As we move forward, technology and network providers will hone their services and offerings in the following ways:

  • Carriers will necessarily build better, simpler, highly-integrated Web portals to enable users to manage their suite of network services and apps in a comprehensive and intuitive way.
  • Online support content will be organized in a cognitively logical manner, along a continuum of “Learn-Buy-Get-Use-Pay-Support” attributes.
  • Content will remain king, but straight forward online navigation and user journeys will continue to gain critical importance as customers expect more and more of their carrier interaction to be self-managed and controlled.
  • Customer adoption of online tools will increase in proportion to the usability and experience they provide to the user rather than the depth and density of the applications. Functionality will continue to evolve but be streamlined as the supported service mix simplifies.


As important as the technology and network are to the customer support function, human capital is the conduit that carries unity and satisfaction to the customer support experience.  In the world of enhanced online UX design, the role of the support representative can add tremendous value as their role evolves from basic processing of corrective measures to a value-added, useful resource that can help solve more complex customer challenges.  Taken in combination with a more effective, intuitive online experience, the deployment of human resources to solve problems provides customers with an environment that allows them to focus on their core challenges and support the needs of their business.

The next generation of customer support models holds great promise for the future of the customer experience.  As we move to the next level, the utilization of technology will begin to fulfill its original promise – to simplify the lives of the people who comprise the heart and soul of any business enterprise.

How do you see customer support evolving? What is your business doing today to stay ahead of these trends?
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