The six degrees of innovation

The term “innovation” is often used to describe the latest gadget or extraordinary use of technology. Many businesses view innovation as a lofty ideal – something to aspire to, rather than a tangible, measurable, and essential ingredient of success. When technological advancements converge with market demand, however, the potential for innovation to transform businesses becomes very real.

In retail, for example, traditional brick-and-mortar stores are using mobile technology and big-data analytics to optimize the customer experience and compete more effectively with online channels. Transportation and logistics companies are reducing costs through online platforms that leverage shared assets to match demand for shipping services. We see major disruption in the taxi and hotels industry from shared-asset services. Fashion companies use real-time data to adjust their supply chains to quickly deliver the latest runway items to customers.

So, how can your organization predict its own potential for innovation? And where in the business is innovation likely to take root and blossom?

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AT&T recently commissioned the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School to identify whether it is possible to predict where innovation occurs in business. The study assessed major transformative innovations across a number of industries. Findings show a shared pattern in companies that have delivered innovation through the use of technology.

The following video discusses the six business model characteristics, or “Six Degrees of Innovation,” that allow companies to make the most of technology.

How innovative is your business in areas like sustainability, analytics, and supply chain monitoring? The Six Degrees report provides a tool for your organization and leadership team to assess whether your business is poised to innovate and succeed.

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