There’s an ‘App for That’… EVERYWHERE. On-Prem, On-Demand, On-the-Go

Applications are ubiquitous. They run on our cars, smart phones, television, traffic lights, smart grids and medical devices.
An application is something that we cannot get away from in today’s world. You’d be hard-pressed to find an organization that isn’t managing some element of their business by using  software applications.

Applications perform operations on data, based on a user’s request and are a gateway to an organization’s most valuable asset – its data. These critical apps run across enterprise networks, interact with business partners, and touch end customers. Because of this interconnection, applications often transcend organizational borders and go beyond the traditional network perimeter.

I was talking to a developer the other day who said ‘software does not run the world- it has become our world today!’ Applications have now become the enabler to our way of life!

Today’s computing environments are complex, interconnected networks enabling customers, vendors and suppliers from around the globe to transact in near real-time.  Each of these transactions is conducted using an application.

Many of these applications store sensitive data such as credit card, PII and PHI data  that need to be protected. Today’s applications control access to financial data, public service infrastructure, patient health records, personal information on mobile devices and more — making software applications the enterprise’s new perimeter.

Within this extended enterprise network, the impact of vulnerable software applications is significantly magnified. Compromised applications can pose a real threat to business operations, both within the enterprise and across the supply chain.  The need to recognize the value of application security is now more than ever. Here is an infographic we have developed that helps illustrate Why application security matters.



You can discover more about what you need to know regarding apps to protect your investment in apps. AT&T Security Consulting is hosting a webcast on application security which will feature analyst Neil MacDonald of Gartner, Inc. who will provide a strategic plan for assessing, managing, and reducing risks resulting from unsafe software development practices.

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