Is It Time to Update Your Network?

  • An all-in-one IP solution improves network efficiency through a seamless interface.
  • Expanding the IP network improves user experience, communication and security.

When it comes to network services, if it’s not broke, you should still fix it.

Even if your outdated network seems to be running fine, there are benefits to letting go of any analog, circuit-switched and frame relay services in favor of a fully integrated IP solution. These benefits include:

  • Better performance and enhanced levels of security
  • Ease of network expansion
  • New IP-based applications
  • Centralized programmatic control over network configuration changes
Is user experience at risk?

As a rule, you should regularly assess your service inventory as an expense management best practice. Perhaps you have IP only in the core, not the access network. That’s okay, right? Actually, this will negatively impact user experience because users won’t be able to access the full suite of IP functions. Plus, users at non-IP sites won’t be able to take advantage of cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

Keep an eye on support

IP networks maximize the way your business communicates and support unique applications that can easily adapt to the changing needs of your employees and customers. It’s important to consider that waiting to make this transition may mean support resources will be in short supply when you need them. While your older services may be supported for now, with IP now the standard, it stands to reason that analog and circuit-switching technology won’t be supported long-term.

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Toward an integrated future

The good news is that while integrating today’s core network components sounds technically difficult, with the flexibility and security of Ethernet, VPN and VoIP, you can connect your geographically disparate offices into one cohesive virtual network. Combining your data and voice networks into an all-IP solution will provide your business with greater bandwidth utilization, improved network efficiencies and the foundation for all parts of your business to operate seamlessly together.

To gather more information about the advantages of a complete IP solution, read the full white paper below:

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