Secure mobile cloud collaboration for today and tomorrow

  • Mobile cloud is the best way to gain on-the-go access to corporate data.
  • AT&T NetBond plus Toggle create a highly secure workplace for content, file sharing, and collaboration.

The rapid pace of business has created a growing need for people to conduct their work on the go and at any time. The mobile experience is only getting better with new technology. The ability to pull and push content via the cloud enables fluid collaboration across an entire company. Remote access to information virtually anytime and anywhere can dramatically enhance a company’s productivity and competitiveness.

The best way for enterprises to gain on-the-go access to corporate data is through the mobile cloud. Businesses are starting to recognize the importance of building cloud-based solutions around their mobile deployments. In the past, leveraging cloud services meant that businesses typically compromised when it came to security. AT&T’s approach to delivering networkenabled cloud with AT&T NetBondSM combines the security that enterprises desire with the power of cloud services.

For example, together with Box, AT&T is bringing highly secure, enterprise-grade cloud content, collaboration, and mobility solutions to businesses of all sizes. Companies will be able to use their existing, industry leading AT&T Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect to Box using AT&T NetBond. AT&T NetBond is a network enabled cloud solution that allows customers to extend their MPLS VPN to cloud service providers for the delivery of business applications through fast and highly secure connectivity.

Why Cloud-Based Solutions Have Gained Importance

The need for such technology is growing for companies that deploy their workforce all over the world. For example, engineers in the oil and gas exploration industry often work on high-profile energy projects in remote locations across the globe. As a result, these developers need the ability to share time-sensitive information quickly, securely, and easily. With a highly secure, cloud-based collaboration and file share solution, employees are able to share such confidential documents as pictures, design specifications, and product road maps on the go using any compatible device.

The phenomenon of connecting mobile endpoints coupled with secure cloud solutions is creating significant value for enterprises. AT&T is focused on helping businesses adapt to this phenomenon through a series of global innovative market partnerships that securely anchor cloud solutions on the AT&T global network platform.


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