Top 3 Things to Learn from Cloud Expo in NYC

Cloud continues to be a hot topic. The public clouds have been very successful and some ask if Enterprises are going to embrace them.

Last September, I was out in San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld and found a recurring theme around Private Clouds.  It seemed like the perfect solution for enterprises that want to take advantage of cloud automation and efficiency.  However, unlike Public Clouds it does not take advantage of pay per use economics.  Since Openworld I have been reading a lot about Hybrid Clouds.  These are the combination of Private and Public Clouds, where a customer uses the Public Cloud to augment their invested Private Cloud.

This upcoming week I will be attending Cloud Expo in NYC and look forward to hearing more about how Cloud will serve enterprise customers. Here are the top three things I want to learn from the expo:

1. How to choose between public, private, and hybrid clouds?

2. What role does the hypervisor play in the hybrid cloud model?  There are a lot of hypervisors on the market, VMwareESX, Xen, KVM, OVM, Openstack, HyperV, and more.

3. Will a fragmented hypervisor market negate the economic benefits of cloud?

These are just a few things that I hoping to learn more about while attending Cloud Expo in NYC.

What questions would you have going to the Cloud Expo in NYC? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!
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