What Are IT’s Top Priorities in 2014?

It’s been a wild ride in mobility over the past year. With so many changes, I wondered if the “Q4/13 Lopez Research Enterprise Mobility Benchmark” would reveal any big changes in concerns and attitudes. The results were filled with mostly good news. Overall the data has stayed relatively consistent over the past six months.

Big data and mobile get IT’s attention

Big Data topped the list of IT’s top priorities (68) while mobile was a close second (66). This isn’t surprising given the media hype and companies desires to harness the wealth of data that is available in social media and other areas. These two priorities are actually closely related in some ways. Mobility is a new source of the big data that firms must store and analyze.

In my opinion, contextual services are the next wave of mobility. Contextual services will help companies deliver the right information, at the point of need or desire, to customers and partners. These contextual services aren’t possible without big data storage, processing and new analytics software.

When it comes to mobile, security matters

Security surfaced as the top mobile concern with 72 percent of the surveyed leaders ranking it as their top concern. This isn’t surprising given the influx of new devices that range from smartphones to Google glasses. Will the Dick Tracy smart watch finally get it’s day in the sun? Possibly. If so, smart watches will be just one of the many connected devices that IT leaders have to manage and secure. The Internet of Things (IoT) will create a need for businesses to revisit their security strategies.

Mobile application development strategies came in a close second. What was once a debate of mobile versus HTML-5 has tempered a bit. Most organizations recognize that you need to select the right tool for the job. To this end, companies are reviewing cross-platform tools and native application development tools. Surprisingly, only 53% of the firms surveyed have an official enterprise mobility strategy. Successful mobile deployments require planning. Without proper planning, companies will waste both time and money on designing the wrong applications and services.

Businesses face a time of unprecedented change and opportunity. Mobile and big data are at the heart of this opportunity. What’s your organization doing to manage the transition?


Maribel Lopez is the CEO and mobile market strategist for Lopez Research, a market research and strategy consulting firm that specializes in communications technologies with a heavy emphasis on the disruptive nature of mobile technologies. AT&T has sponsored this blog post.

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