Transforming the Wi-Fi experience for bigger businesses

  • For large and small businesses alike, offering Wi-Fi access can build better customer relationships.

  • From retailers to banks, AT&T Wi-Fi Enterprise improves the customer experience, enhances workforce productivity, and streamlines processes.

Building customer loyalty is one of the most important things for businesses. In April, we launched a Wi-Fi solution to help small businesses deliver an enjoyable in-store experience to their customers. We heard from some of our larger customers that they have similar needs on a much larger scale. They want to be able to promote their brand and pull reports that give insight on customer behavior. So, now, we’ve enhanced the technology for the enterprise.

Whether it’s a small mom-and-pop store or a major retail chain, companies depend on Wi-Fi to help grow their business. Separate access to public and private Wi-Fi not only provides a friendly customer environment, but helps businesses improve their processes. AT&T Wi-Fi – Enterprise helps larger organizations better manage billing and reporting for all of their sites.

Putting Wi-Fi to work for your business

Think about how frequently fast food restaurants change their menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Managers can use mobile applications over Wi-Fi to update their digital signage in near real time. They can modify their pricing on the spot, so customers can see daily specials.

Retail employees spend hours walking around a store gathering inventory. The itemized list is usually recorded on paper and then manually put into a computer. Now, staff members can save several steps by scanning the list over Wi-Fi. The retailer now has near real-time visibility into inventory for every store.

Today, banks are encouraging their customers to make transactions with a mobile device. But, many customers aren’t familiar with the technology. Bank associates can teach customers how to use a mobile banking app – a powerful tool for marketing special offers to customers — with tablets over Wi-Fi.

Companies can learn more about their internal processes and strengthen relationships with their customers using the right, reliable connection. Learn more about how AT&T Wi-Fi – Enterprise is helping businesses provide the best customer service possible.

Sarita Rao Vice President AT&T Wi-Fi & Data Patterns About Sarita