Transforming the Workforce with Mobile Communication

  • 75% of workers using two-way radios supplement that use with cellular.

  • AT&T EPTT combines multiple capabilities in one solution.

Today, our mobile workforce still uses traditional communication systems to stay connected. Businesses in the manufacturing, airline, courier, and railway industries rely on two-way radios for faster talk-times for their employees. In such fast-paced environments, the ability to communicate information quickly and effectively is critical.

However, as these traditional systems get older, the cost of replacing them can be expensive. As a result, we are now seeing more companies stay connected using their smartphone instead of two-way radios. A recent survey of land mobile radio (LMR) users indicates that 75% of users currently make use of a commercial cellular service to supplement LMR communications at work. 1

So now the question becomes – should I use my cell phone or the dispatch radio? Solution providers are helping companies utilize both. One example is AT&T Enhanced Push-To-Talk (EPTT) which can integrate the age-old system with mobile broadband technology using a dispatch console. With this capability, one department using two-way radios can connect with another department using push-to-talk (PTT) technology.

Companies can now nearly seamlessly migrate to newer technology without completely overhauling their communications system. Businesses might also discover the benefits of implementing PTT technology into their workforce. AT&T EPTT allows field workers to do more by combining multiple capabilities into one solution.

For example, many major couriers want their drivers to operate more efficiently. A typical delivery driver will use a two-way radio, a bar code scanner, and a mobile phone. With push-to-talk technology, drivers can utilize all three elements in one PTT device and the courier significantly saves on equipment costs.

Companies need a cost-effective alternative, but also a smooth transition to newer technology. With AT&T EPTT, business owners can improve communications between employees whether they’re using a smartphone, rugged device, two-way radio or a landline.

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1Market In View, “Survey of LMR Users Shows that 75% Already Use Cell Phones to Augment LMR Communications.” (November 2015)


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