Trend Alert: Passing Notes During Business Calls

Have you ever been in a conference call and wanted to say something discreetly—like “you need to mute your microphone,” or “be sure not to share that that email,” and an opportunity to privately communicate a message is nowhere to be found?

To speak, or not to speak?

Let’s say you’re a sales rep for Pearl E. White’s “Be Brite,” a popular home teeth whitening system. You’re on a video conference with other reps and your regional manager, Dwight, eagerly anticipating this month’s performance numbers. As Dwight makes his virtual grand entrance, he smiles, revealing a large chunk of green between his two front teeth. Is it broccoli? Spinach?  Algae? No matter what kind of plant life your boss has been consuming, you’re faced with a choice: do you publicly call attention to the green smile saboteur? Or do you let it slide, forever holding your peace—and your upper lip? You’re trapped as precariously as the vegetation in your boss’s grill.

As far-fetched as this case of dental irony may be, this conundrum can strike at any time.  Workplace opportunities can present themselves and you may not have the chance to seize the moment. Watch this video to see a workplace scenario where the ability to send a note privately can mean catching a golden opportunity:

Conundrum cracked

With an integrated audio, Web, video conferencing solution, you don’t have to worry about the whisper conundrum. The “send a note” feature allows a video or Web conference participant to type a message directly to another team member, while simultaneously interacting with the group. That way, the right person gets the right information.  Virtual conferencing offers a wide array of features and capabilities for communicating and collaborating.  You have a selection of choices for communicating publicly and privately, from broadcasting an announcement, by voice, video or written word, to one to one communication with the ability to send a private note to a colleague.

Have you ever been in a Web, video conference where the ability to communicate quickly and discreetly was critically important?
Lisanne Powers Unified Communications Lead Marketing Communications Manager AT&T About Lisanne