Creating smarter cities for a better tomorrow

  • AT&T building smarter cities with M2M solutions that manage resources, analyze traffic and parking data, and route emergency responders.
  • Learn more about the mobilization of cities in this video.

Mobilizing your world begins with the mobilization of your city. AT&T is helping to build smarter cities by developing machine-to-machine solutions to help better manage resources, to analyze traffic and parking data, to route responders to emergencies more efficiently and so much more.

The creation of multiple devices, applications, and services that work seamlessly together on networks and platforms, and integrating with third party applications, for example the Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) solution from IBM, simplifies life and allows for new and better ways of doing things. In many cities, mobile technology is already being utilized to improve energy efficiency and water conservation, as well as to control traffic flow, patterns and congestion, and to provide citizens quicker access to information and services.

To learn more about the mobilization of cities, tune in to the video AT&T and IBM Elevating Cities:


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