Video Helps Business Leaders Do More

  • Video can transform how businesses market, sell, hire, and reach customers.
  • Companies are looking to video to fuel the workplace of the future.

IT is constantly being challenged to find new ways that technology can help businesses do more with less. Today, delivering cost savings is table stakes. IT must find new ways to get business done faster and better — not just cheaper.  IT is moving beyond cost containment to becoming a strategic business partner through innovative uses of technology.

In this new world, IT is the lead architect of business transformation. IT is blending its knowledge of technology and business operations to deliver new compelling solutions to line of business managers in areas such as marketing, human resources, and field services. In this role, IT will use video to deliver groundbreaking ways to hire, to sell product and service customers. Examples include:

Real-time engagement when and where they need it.

Customer care and IT are working together to deliver engaging customer and employee care experiences in new places. For example, financial institutions are using video kiosks to bring banking services to new locations and video-enabling automatic teller machines. Chief Medical Officers and IT are working together to deliver medical experts on demand with video carts in hospitals, medical kiosks, and video apps on tablets that help doctors do remote diagnosis.

Changing the way we hire.

The future of work is about hiring and retaining talent wherever they may be. IT is providing human resources with video services that allow them to hire beyond local candidates. Video conferencing allows HR to interview more candidates faster. It eliminates travel expense and simplifies schedule management. It also makes it easier for the entire team to interview a candidate and quickly meet to discuss their findings.

Create new revenue opportunities.

Marketing wants to deliver richer, more engaging messages. Sales wants to close the deal faster. IT is building portfolios of video services to support this with video-enabled digital signage and sales and service video kiosks. IT is deploying enterprise class video services that allow a salesperson to have a video call with a prospect or a customer, regardless of the type of video solution the end customer owns. Marketing and IT are also working together to create video-enabled content management and distribution systems for demos, customer testimonials and interactive product literature.

Video is transforming the way we play, live and work. These are just three examples of how video is fueling the future of work and challenging IT to think outside the box. How will you use video to transform your workplace?


Maribel Lopez is the CEO and mobile market strategist for Lopez Research, a market research and strategy consulting firm that specializes in communications technologies with a heavy emphasis on the disruptive nature of mobile technologies. AT&T has sponsored this blog post.


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