Video: Implementing your multi-cloud strategy

We recently caught up with Rene Dufrene, AT&T Product Marketing Management AVP. Rene answered our questions about migrating to cloud computing and discussed AT&T NetBond®, the cloud networking solution that lets you extend your MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) to an ecosystem of cloud service providers, for a common network experience.

Watch the video below, and then read the Q&A to find out what is new with AT&T NetBond.


Implementing your multi-cloud strategy



Q: Rene, talk to us about the upcoming AT&T NetBond strategy and why this is so critical for the company?

A: Our strategy is focused on helping our clients migrate and utilize the cloud with confidence. The barriers to cloud adoption are coming down due to security and performance enhancements, along with innovation in cloud management tools. AT&T NetBond provides clients with highly secure, high performing access to the cloud. Similar to other types of cloud services, a client can provision and modify the cloud network in minutes. A key part of our strategy is to partner and integrate with a broad ecosystem of cloud service providers. Our clients are utilizing multiple clouds and desire a common network experience across all of them. We are continuing to add new partners and markets. Technically, our solution is aligned to AT&T’s enterprise networking strategy for Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). The latter will help us further innovate and improve our offering suite.

Q: It seems AT&T has a market leading cloud-networking solution. Can you speak to how our solution stacks up to the competition and what are AT&T’s differentiators?

A: Our technology is patented, and we leverage API’s for our integration. This enables us to connect to a variety of services in a consistent manner. AT&T NetBond flexes in tandem with the cloud service, providing the right amount of bandwidth. This helps our clients, as they avoid having to overprovision their network. Our ecosystem is awesome and growing.

Q: Can you speak to some of the use cases and how customers are implementing AT&T NetBond?

A: Absolutely! Customers of all sizes and from most industries are utilizing AT&T NetBond. Use cases exist for hybrid, public, and private. Clients are using multiple clouds today over AT&T NetBond, and we expect the number of cloud services they use to increase. In some instances, workloads are shared with the client’s business partners, protecting sensitive transactional information. We have client’s that are new to AT&T sign-up for our industry-leading MPLS service in order to leverage our partner ecosystem. Some clients are transitioning over from the public Internet while others are migrating from static private connections to AT&T NetBond because of its flexibility.

Q: You talk to customers in your role. Can you tell us what customer are saying about this solution and how it solves their business challenges?

A: First of all, the value proposition of AT&T NetBond (simple, flexible, highly secure, high performing) resonates with our clients. Most are using multiple clouds and seeking a consistent and simple integrated network solution. They appreciate that we invested with our partners to fully integrate and test the service. Private cloud networking is becoming an important part of their overall cloud strategy.

Q: Currently you have 12 partners in the AT&T NetBond ecosystem. Can you tell us about what upcoming AT&T NetBond launches are going on this year and what type of partners you are looking to add in the future?

A: We are continuing to add new partners in our ecosystem. Stay tuned for several announcements as we bring on new partners and expand services with existing partners. We are seeking partners who value an integrated private, easy-to-provision network coupled with their cloud services and see value in partnering with AT&T.

Q: What are some of the innovations that customers should be looking for in 2015 and beyond?

A: We are continuing to invest in AT&T NetBond in many ways. Expanding our API’s, virtualizing network functions and features, and integrating in new ways. More news to come as we message with our partners.

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