Are your phone calls private and secure?

  • Large VoIP deployments can be challenging to secure.

  • AT&T can help companies assess the security of their VoIP infrastructure deployments and reduce flaws on converged networks.

Short for Voice over Internet Protocol (VolP), it’s a way to transmit the human voice in digital form over the Internet or other networks such as an audio stream, instead of using traditional phone lines. While security measures are implemented when sending emails and other data files over the network it is equally important to consider voice. It is imperative that hackers won’t be able to listen into, disseminate, or act on private conversations and the great thing about VolP is that it’s easy to use and maintain at a relatively low cost.

VolP security assessment overview:

The process of performing VoIP security assessments involves security configuration reviews of the call managers, the phones, network security devices, and other infrastructure supporting the VoIP deployments. The process also includes a review of different management roles and functions as they relate to VoIP management and operations.

At AT&T Consulting Solutions, we help our clients correct this error in judgment and give our clients peace of mind. We use various standards such as National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST), augmented with the knowledge we have gained over years of experience to assess the security of the VoIP infrastructure deployments.

Have you performed a VoIP security assessment yet? If not, are you neglecting a common source of security flaws on your converged network? Talk to our experts and learn how they can help improve your network’s security.

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