Tear down office walls with next-generation solutions

  • Create a more flexible work environment with VoIP.

  • VoIP enables collaboration, UC, and data integration.

  • Manage VoIP from your computer, rather than through a tangle of wires.

Perhaps you once considered VoIP when it first came on the market, but were turned off by the scratchy Internet calls and the unreliability of the technology. If so, you may want to take another look, because VoIP has come a long way since its early beginnings.

Today’s work environment is a flexible one that no longer exists strictly from 9 to 5, or even confined solely in an office. VoIP is one of the technologies that makes workplace flexibility possible, since IP integrates with mobility and VPN, giving you access to your work tools from home or while traveling. Today’s VoIP solutions can now be managed from your computer, rather than through a headache of tangled wires as it was in the past. VoIP is the gateway to cloud computing and Unified Communications, providing cost efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and scalability. It makes integration with data very logical, because it is IP based — the same protocol as most data and Unified Communications.

VoIP can help your staff be more productive and drive possible cost savings. Isn’t it time you considered (or reconsidered) VoIP?

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