Is Your WAN Waning?

  • IP networks accelerate how fast providers can produce new services.
  • IP is enabling future automation and business agility in networking.

How is your network performing? Consider this: Today’s IP services have widely deployed, automated feature sets that have raised the bar on enterprise user expectations. Circuit-switched connections simply can’t offer the capabilities users need in a fast-paced business environment.

IP networks allow for automation, programmability, cloud services and user self-provisioning. They integrate voice, video and data applications at Layer 3 and above for collaboration and social media. These are just a few examples of intelligent IP services that are available to meet expectations and enterprise productivity goals.

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You’re likely already running IP in a good portion of your network–for example, across your Ethernet or  MPLS VPN backbone. But don’t assume that there are no analog or TDM services in your inventory. Keeping a close audit of all your services is wise. While you might be running MPLS VPN (IP) in your core WAN, you might still have TDM-based services — such as T1, T3 or fractional T1/T3 services — in one or more of the access networks that connect sites to your VPN backbone.

IP networks accelerate how fast providers can turn up new services. This makes service orders, equipment delivery wait times, and testing before going live a thing of the past. As a result, there’s been a wholesale shift to a worldwide IP infrastructure. It stands to reason that analog and TDM-based services, which are unable to deliver these services, will grow scarce.

Keep a detailed inventory of all your services and identify any analog, circuit-switched and frame relay services that are still operational. Make a plan to transition them so that your business network is able to keep pace with the dynamism and automation goals of your company and of competing networks.

IP is the vehicle that’s enabling automation and business agility in networking going forward. Read more about ways that it is doing so in the whitepaper below:

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