Want to have your landlines and texting too?

“Don’t call me. Text me.”

These days, it seems like everyone is always texting, so it only makes sense to offer texting as a customer service option too. The results of a recent poll1 show that customers may prefer a texting option.

  • 71 percent of young adults would like texting as a customer service option.
  • 64 percent of consumers prefer businesses that offer texting as a customer channel option.
  • 21 percent are likely to choose a company that offers texting over other companies that don’t.
  • 91 percent of consumers prefer receiving a text message over a voicemail from a business.

Landline texting explained

OK, you’re liking this idea. So how does it work?

Landline texting enables your existing toll-free and landline numbers to send and receive texts. It’s a simple, easy way for your business to engage customers through text, which is clearly a channel they are ready and willing to use. Access to texting capabilities comes via the web, desktop, and mobile apps, or API, as the diagram demonstrates.

Is landline texting right for your business?

“Call or text us at 800-xxx-xxxx.”

Landline texting is an ideal way to improve communications in any industry with customer-facing roles. And that includes car dealers, insurance agents, realtors, retail stores, online retailers, restaurants, salons, and licensed professionals like attorneys and veterinarians, as well as myriad service organizations in transportation, education, staffing, and call centers.

Whatever field you’re in, if you are communicating with your customers over landlines, adding in the texting capability brings quick benefits as you are able to:

  • Boost responsiveness to your customers – as you connect with customers up to 61 percent more efficiently2 and see customer response rates jump by as much as 50 percent.3
  • Realize possible cost reductions – as you reduce call volumes by converting calls to texts and are able to handle simultaneous text chats versus 1:1 voice calls.
  • Reduce reliance on voice calling – as you reduce the time spent leaving and listening to voicemail not to mention time spent playing phone tag with your customers.
  • Enhance equity in your vanity or established phone number – as you increase the utility of your existing business number.

With benefits like this, landline texting is posed to quickly become a core part of your communications strategy.

See how AT&T Landline Texting can help you reach your customers in the way that many of them actually prefer.

1 Harris Poll, “The High Demand for Customer Service via Text Message,” August 2014.

2 3 Toll Free Texting, AT&T Enterprise Decision Maker Study, March 2015.

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