Wanted: IoT visionaries for the Industrial Internet

  • IIC members in business, academia, and the public sector are collaborating to grow the Industrial Internet.
  • IoT visionaries are welcome to participate in shaping the future as part of the IIC.

The formation of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is a momentous first step in creating the next iteration of economic productivity through the use of connected Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) systems.The vision of the IIC is to manage the collaborative efforts of industry, academia, and government to accelerate growth of the Industrial Internet. At AT&T, we are very excited to be part of the IIC founding team, along with the other members including GE, IBM, Intel and Cisco.

The IIC includes representatives from a variety of industries, as well as academics, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs. They bring their own vision, ideas, and areas of focus — like security, data analysis, networking, policy engines, and systems engineering for the Industrial Internet. The Consortium combines this array of disciplines and expertise to help inform the standardization, evolution, architecture, and adoption of M2M and IoT solutions.

Defining use cases and standards

The initial areas of focus for the Consortium include defining use cases for the Industrial Internet and then developing a reference architecture, test beds, and common nomenclature. Use cases may be divided by time period and complexity. The IIC obviously wants to be technically and operationally ready for the “robotic” world of the future, while also taking a pragmatic look at the near-term Industrial Internet needs of small, mid-size, and large companies across several verticals. The IIC will also be involved in setting standards requirements through working with other standards bodies.

Facilitating research and development

The IIC has also attracted participation from government agencies like NSF, NIST and others. Given the importance of this technology, the federal government is investing in R&D related to cyber physical systems, and has been partnering with the private sector on a series of test beds in areas such as healthcare, transportation, smart cities, and increasing the security of the electric grid. These are all part of the Smart America initiative that IIC will participate to further its goal of reaching a global audience with a framework for industrial IoT and M2M systems.

Recruiting IoT Visionaries

IIC membership is open to all interested in shaping the future of Industrial IoT systems. To date, 12 new members have joined. If your company is interested in participating, or you know of companies that would add value to IIC, please suggest those names to me in the comments section below.  We are looking for a few IoT visionaries!

Mobeen Khan Business Executive Mobility Marketing Director AT&T About Mobeen