Webinar: Build a mobile strategy that works for your business

  • Organizations face increasing challenges in balancing corporate goals with IT and mobility initiatives.

  • Webinar discusses how to develop an effective mobility framework that maximizes value.

Mobile devices and applications are not only driving business processes but also creating new application development and enterprise networking challenges. Users can work from anywhere in the world, and in many cases, they’re expected to do just that. At the same time, bring your own device (BYOD) is here to stay, and it is changing the rules of ownership, support, and manageability.

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Many companies have learned their own strategies do not address how to establish a cost effective and manageable BYOD program with enforceable guidelines that result in a satisfied, productive, secured workforce.

When I speak with stakeholders in different organizations, I often hear how they are struggling to balance between business priorities and corporate goals when implementing mobility initiatives. CIOs and IT teams face new challenges around mobility – challenges that are not the same as those addressed in traditional computing strategies.

So how are organizations approaching these mobility challenges?

This topic and more is discussed in theFierceLIVE! Webinar, Strategic Vision: Building the Mobile Strategy Your Business Needs. Jonathan Salkoff from AT&T  shares best practices for helping companies define and build an effective mobility strategy that works across the entire enterprise.


For additional information about how your business can experience mobility’s value, visit AT&T Mobility Services.

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