Webinar: Establishing the front lines of effective cybersecurity

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As security threats continue to grow, many organizations are investing in more sophisticated solutions to help protect their data and their customers. What you may not realize is that without the right perimeter security, these investments may be ineffective.

Having the right firewall is now more critical than ever, but many mistakenly believe their numerous other security measures negate the need for perimeter defense. This chink in the armor may be costly, leading to devastating breaches and damaged reputations.

Join us for a live webinar on August 30 with Kim Bilderback and Christopher Thomas of AT&T

They’ll explain why perimeter security is so critical, and talk you through the four different approaches you can take to help build your first line of defense: a network-based, premises-based web application or proxy firewall.

They’ll also discuss how you can outsource your perimeter security, offloading the complexity to the experts and freeing your IT teams to focus on innovation.

Don’t miss this chance to learn about perimeter security and pitch your questions to our cybersecurity experts.



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