Webinar: Financial services security – new threats and new solutions

  • Today’s cyber threats are constantly changing, so a fire-and-forget approach to security won’t keep you protected.

  • Organizations of all sizes are at risk—but there are simple ways to minimize your exposure.

  • Working with an experienced, expert partner offers a cost-effective way to help protect against emerging threats.

Most financial services firms have some form of cybersecurity in place, but cyber criminals constantly update their attack methods to get around standard security countermeasures. To stay ahead of evolving threats, it’s essential to continuously update security plans and processes—but that’s not easy without in-house security expertise.

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Listen to get expert insights from Todd Waskelis, Michael Ray Singer, and Jason Porter of AT&T. They’ll reveal the facts behind today’s biggest cyber threats, how threat management can help, and the key elements of an effective security plan. You’ll also get a closer look at some of the solutions that can help minimize risk exposure, and discover why outsourcing security can be a cost-effective way to reduce the stress and effort of safeguarding your business.

Don’t miss this chance to get advice from the experts on simple ways to help keep your organization protected from current and future threats.

Webinar: Financial services security - new threats and new solutions

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