What Did You Say?

In our social media world today, an acronym is as common as eating or sleeping on a daily basis. Of course when you only have 140 characters to “tweet”, you need to skinny down what you are saying.

Recently, I queried a writer friend of mine about the acronym “DH”, it was used very commonly on Facebook, Twitter and news loops by fellow female writers. I knew enough to know they were referring to their “husbands”, but what did the “D” stand for?  All sorts of things floated in my mind “Dumb Half”, “Dumb Husband”, “Dead Husband”.   Even though I think I’m a glass “full”, positive type of individual, the thought that these wives would reference their husbands in an affection way,  didn’t even cross my mind. So I was very pleased to discover, once my friend replied “LOL” , then educated me on the term, that “DH” stood for “Darling Husband”.

Personally I think we are all running around with a bit of acronym bafflement, yet we all use them, each and every day.  Some companies even utilize the same acronym for different terms (depending on the business unit).  So confusion reigns, especially when we discover “SMM” doesn’t just stand for system management mode, but also for Social Media Marketing. And “IM” doesn’t just stand for Instant Messaging, but can also mean Internet Marketing.

In my world of business marketing communications as it relates to sustainability, I of course have several acronyms at my disposal. Common terms for me on a daily basis are non-governmental  organization (NGO), Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSi), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), AT&T Business Sustainability Advisory Council (ABSAC)  AT&T Telepresence Solution (ATS), Internet Protocol – Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) and many others.

So how do you wade thru the acronym weeds? Are you able to manage? Or like me do you sometimes just have to ask, “What did you say?”
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