What is a hacktivist?

It’s Tuesday again and time for another Security Tech Talk, where we define common terms for those new to cybersecurity strategy. Be sure to follow along each week to add to your cybersecurity vocabulary. Our hope is that this content helps you navigate the terms, systems and processes to improve your defense against breaches.

What is a hacktivist?

Hacktivist:  Hacker or group that breaches systems for political, rather than monetary, gain.

Detail: The word hacktivist takes its roots from the terms hacker and activist. Hacktivists can be organized groups or overzealous individuals committed to a cause. They subvert networks and computer systems, illegally accessing information to further some agenda – often political. The hacktivist is so singularly focused on his/her ideology that any residual harm or victimization caused by the subversive acts is either dismissed or rationalized as necessary to further the cause.

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