What You Need to Know About IPv6

Have you heard?  Your way of connecting to the Internet is going to change — it has to!  The Internet needs a unique number called the Internet Protocol for your laptop, smartphone or any other Internet-accessible device to connect.

Well, the current protocol called IPv4 (Internet Protocol, Version 4) was set up in the 80’s and only allowed for about four billion addresses. What seemed like more than enough then didn’t take into account the number of devices which would be accessing the Net today.

In sum, we’re running out of numbers.

Now a new protocol is on the way to deal with it.  Called IPv6 (yes, you got it — Internet Protocol, Version 6), it is expanding the number and will allow for 340 undecillion addresses.  How many is that?  Think of 340 with 36 zeroes!  That is a large number!  See the infographic below.

The bottom line for you is that change will need to take place.  Also, it will be relatively smooth and once in place, it will provide sufficient space for a long, long time.  It all has to do with IP Addresses.


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