Enterprise Developer Wake-Up Call – 10 Days Until The 2013 AT&T Developer Summit

  • Estimated worldwide IT spending on big data in 2013 will reach $34 billion. [1]
  • Assisted GPS can increase location accuracy down to the range of 5-30 meters.
  • A slew of new devices leveraging improved connectivity to mobile handsets have fueled strong growth for wearable wireless mHealth devices in 2012. By the end of the year, nearly 30 million devices will have shipped, up 37% on 2011 shipments. [2]

These stats are just a few of the trends and forecasts that will be bouncing around the Enterprise track of the 2013 AT&T Developer Summit at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

If you want to see how they’re going to affect the enterprise applications you’re creating, sign up for the Summit and come join us Monday, January 7, 2013 following our weekend-long M2M Hackathon.

In case you missed Maureen Backe’s post a few days ago, we’re devoting an entire track of our one-day Summit to topics for enterprise developers. Today, I get to help whet your appetite for some of the sessions in that track.

Here’s what we’re planning as of now:

10:45 Session – AT&T – A One-Stop-Shop for Mobilizing the Enterprise

Let’s be honest: You came to the Summit looking for answers because something back at the office has your hair on fire. Are you trying to get machines to talk to one another? Are you trying to get machines and people to communicate? Do you need a better way to locate your assets, computing devices, and employees?

We’ll walk you through a use case, take in a video, and conduct a code crawl around several mobile and cloud offerings that you can use to address your enterprise mobility problems. Chris Hill, Senior Vice President of AT&T Advanced Business Solutions, will kick off the session. Next,  Larry Wall of Mobility Solutions Services will take you through the APIs and code snippets so you can see how we put together the solution behind the use case in the video. This session will give you a good overview of AT&T’s M2M, Location Information Services, Global Smart Messaging Suite, Platform as a Service, and Web Real Time Communications products, and a chance to get your technical questions answered on the spot.

11:45 Session – M2M and mHealth

With estimates of 170 million connected devices by 2017, the healthcare industry has plenty of M2M lessons you can learn from. The M2M platform for enterprise is already here, so there’s no need to keep building your own from scratch.

Eric Krauss, Advanced Mobility Solutions, will show you how many of your M2M needs – collaboration, security, messaging, authentication – we’ve already taken care of in our Machine-to-Machine Application Platform Powered by Axeda.  Ryan McQuaid mHealth Platform speaks about this in the M2M and MHealth Enterprise Track Session In fact, we’ve built AT&T’s mHealth Platform, our own M2M solution for healthcare, on it to move data from hospitals, providers, payers, electronic medical record (EMR) databases, and healthcare IT systems securely to applications and devices. Bring your questions about M2M and how to integrate it with your own enterprise applications to this session.

12:30 Lunch

No session is scheduled. Maureen and I will be available to hear the  kind of content you need to develop smarter applications. The more you tell us about the enterprise projects you’re working on, the better we can assemble the blog posts, technical content, campaigns, and programs you can rely on to stay ahead of the mobility curve.

2:00 Session – The Power of Mobile Identity with Messaging, Location, and Web-browser Real-Time Communications (WebRTC)

How are you going to collect all that location data to track your assets, employees, and customers? What are you going to do with it once you have it? How can you use the Web for real-time communication?

This session by Chris Aron of Advanced Mobility Solutions will show you the market for location-based services (LBS) and introduce you to the cross-carrier, network-based location technology we’ve rolled into our Location Information Services (LIS) API. You can ask questions about enterprise development use cases like roadside assistance, geographic compliance, location analytics, and proximity marketing — and start thinking about new products and services for your customers.

Beyond locating people, WebRTC lets you build a communication channel through an ordinary Web browser. Dan Guyette of Mobility Product Management will take you through B2B and B2C use cases and explain how you can use AT&T Network Services to enhance WebRTC applications with our Web Developer’s Kit, standard APIs, and reusable widgets. We’ll show you how to get started with your own deployments, then lead you straight to LIS, the Global Smart Messaging Suite (GSMS), and our WebRTC tools.

Tired yet? That’s what’s available just through mid-afternoon! We have more sessions planned and a panel of experts on hand, so stay tuned; I’ll include those sessions’ descriptions in the next wake-up call.

Meanwhile, what else do you want to talk about in the Enterprise track of the 2013 AT&T Developer Summit? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to be ready to answer your questions.



[2] ABI Research Report-Sports and Wellness Drive mHealth Device Shipments to Nearly 30 Million in 2012. Dec. 2012

[1] Gartner Report-Gartner Data Drives Rapid  Changes in Infrastructure and $232 Billion in IT Spending Through 2016. Oct. 2012

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