What’s Your “IT” New Year’s Resolution?

Can’t help but think about the promise of what the New Year might bring to business, and of course information technology or IT.  IT for all intents and purposes runs small, medium, and large businesses day in and day out.  You know it well, and when things don’t go according to plan, your IM is ringing off the hook!

With that said you know things will settle down over the next several weeks for some due to the holidays, and this will give you some time to think about your New Year’s resolution for IT.  Now you might already be thinking about those resolutions – for example, going deeper into mobile applications deployment, or maybe the New Year will bring the promise of executing on your vision for Cloud in the enterprise. Still, there is always that never-ending challenge that comes with enhancing your global network to ensure it is secure and extends to your many end points domestically and internationally.

I think these potential resolutions are great, but let me offer an alternative.  I think there is one fundamental resolution that all of IT should have heading into 2013.  That is getting closer to the business.

By that I mean getting closer to the line-of business owners, operations, and/or the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).  This resolution will move the business forward and faster for sure.  Yes it’s tricky, but the upside is huge.  Being on the inside track of the business can help you guide senior management through some strategic corporate initiatives.  As a seasoned IT expert, you know what it takes to stand up a new online channel, or build a contact center to embrace a corporate market expansion from B2B to B2C, or extend the reach of the global network to new partners or suppliers.

I truly believe that 2013 will be the year of IT gaining the inside track and getting a seat at the broader planning table.  The time is right for you to get closer to the business in the New Year.

What is your IT New Year’s resolution?  Does it involve getting the seat at the business table?  If not maybe it should involve building that internal positing plan to get there. What are your thoughts?
Michael Nigro Application Sales Manager AT&T About Michael