What’s Your Mobile IQ?


Mobile users are undergoing a transformation in how and where they use their mobile devices. At the same time, devices and applications are not only driving business processes, but also are creating new application development and enterprise networking challenges. In short, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has taken hold and is changing the rules of ownership, support, and manageability.

These issues were highlighted at the recent Gartner Symposium IT expo 2013 CIOs and IT leaders discussed the mobility balancing act they encounter each day. They face the difficult task of meeting the the demands users who want freedom of choice, business units that want better access to data, and management that demands security, compliance, and increased productivity.

How are organizations navigating these mobility challenges? To answer that question, 300 Gartner summit attendees volunteered to take the AT&T Mobile IQ Test  at the symposium. Participants answered 10 multiple-choice question related to what they learned from the symposium, how they interpreted market trends, and what they gleaned from analyst reports.

Comments from some of the participants about their experience follow:

  • Sal A.: “Provided objective evaluations of what we know about mobility.”
  • Jonathan B.: “Interesting assessment of how well we prepared.”
  • Jeff P.: “Validated my knowledge in mobilizing my organization’s workforce. Please send me the study.”

The test was scored not based on how well participants performed, but on how they embraced the complexity of mobility, and how well they understood the requirements and strategies that are necessary to adapt to future mobile technology.

Ready to test your Mobile IQ? Take the AT&T Mobile IQ Test to find out how your mobility knowledge compares to others.


Asmara Hadi Director of Business Marketing AT&T About Asmara