When It Comes to Cloud Computing, Having a Talented Team Counts!

In the world of networking, the buzz these days is all about how customers are leveraging Cloud Computing. Many companies, including AT&T, offer cloud services for a monthly fee. You get the benefits and we do the legwork.

What are the benefits? Basically, Cloud Computing, as a business model, allows customers to gain easy access to shared applications without incurring the cost of deploying a lot of network equipment in a data center. And the big advantage of the Cloud? That you can backup your servers, store mission critical data, run applications—almost anything you desire—without the hassle of running a network.

Access to Files

One of the questions often ask me is, “How do you access the Cloud?” If you are a customer who wants On-Demand Self-Service to shared applications, you will need to consider an Ethernet access solution. An Ethernet solution must have:

  • Robust network Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Various security options to help ensure that your network is safe
  • A large network footprint (so the service provider can meet you at your desired location)
  • A 24/7 customer care team in case you encounter a problem

I can hear it now! You’ve just described basic networking 101. You have a point. But consider this: It is important to choose a network provider that has a deep technical bench and is widely recognized by the industry for its technical expertise. Almost any time there are services for sale, there are low cost providers who will tell potential customers all carriers are created equal. They are not! (I realize I work for a carrier and not a low cost provider, but let me repeat: They are not!)

How Your Team Facilitates Business Growth

In today’s strange and wacky world, network expertise and expert security solutions are a must. Having a great network team allows you to focus on growing your business rather than worrying about protecting vital data. As one of my customers recently told me, with a good network team in place, he’s able to get a good night’s sleep!

When you’re considering Cloud Computing, don’t overlook the benefits of having a great network team.

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