Whether You Discuss Cloud or Mobility…

I was a participant in a meeting recently that was focused on the SMB space. We had a couple items on the agenda as part of the event, with attendees joining via Telepresence from 5 different locations across the country. It was an incredibly productive session that allowed us to hear first hand from our customers what excited them most around the future of their small, but growing enterprises.

First up on the agenda was my discussion about the cloud, and how gaining access to resources in an on-demand, as needed fashion, helps the small business potentially save money, but more importantly helps them to become more agile. The discussion was lively and great questions were asked.

Next on the agenda was mobilizing the enterprise. This conversation really peaked the interest of the attendees. As excited as they may have been to find out about cloud services, generically speaking, they were even more excited to hear about mobile applications that could impact their business today.

This is what got me thinking. Small businesses, or small enterprises, as I like to think of them, are looking for solutions — or more specifically apps — when they think about the ‘cloud’. Sure, many of them are still interested in cloud storage or cloud computing, but they are really excited about the apps they can use. More importantly, they want to use these apps in a mobile environment.

As I discussed in one of my earlier posts – Mobility and the Cloud, It’s Only Natural – this concept continues to be top of mind with many CxO’s. When talking about these mobile apps that we can deliver to a customer, what’s the underlying theme? These apps are delivered from the ‘cloud’.

* QR code creation and tracking – delivered from the cloud!

* Asset tracking and management – delivered from the cloud!

* Mobile payment acceptance – delivered from the cloud!

It’s all coming together, and the conversations are changing, especially in the small enterprise space, to talk about how full mobile solutions can be delivered from the cloud.

So, what challenges are you having in your small enterprise, and how can a mobile + cloud solution help you overcome those challenges and be more responsive to your customers? Please leave your comments in the space below as we look forward to hearing from you.
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