Which Fast Pitch IoT idea gets your vote?

Voting for this competition has ended – thank you for participating. Videos are no longer available as voting has concluded. Stay tuned and we will announce the winner on Monday, 8/ 31.

IoT Fast Pitch Video 1

Tyga-Trax is a mobile security and tracking system for items on the move.

IoT Fast Pitch Video 2

RemoteMonitorTM CH4 offers real-time continuous methane gas monitoring for the oil & gas industry.

IoT Fast Pitch Video 3

Your Internet of Everything is a cloud-based offering used to control, automate, and calculate connected devices.

IoT Fast Pitch Video 4

TripdotsTM is a mileage tracking app that captures miles driven for accurate reimbursement reporting and tax deductions.

IoT Fast Pitch Video 5

ZillionSource is a logistics tracking solution that monitors the status of cargo in transit and reports alarming situations in real-time.

IoT Fast Pitch Video 6

A cloud-based emergency remote SMS wake up for industrial sensors.

IoT Fast Pitch Video 7

SIMbaeTM enables all types of machines and devices to embed and execute connected IoT apps on a mobile operator’s SIM rather than on a discrete CPU.

IoT Fast Pitch Video 8

SatSite leads the way to smart farming.

IoT Fast Pitch Video 9

Platform for system interactions.

IoT Fast Pitch Video 10

Fusing fashion and technology to create high-fashion wearables.

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