While On The Go, There’s Your Office

In today’s hyper-networked global economy, more companies than ever are abandoning the concept of a “home” office. The benefits are enormous with flexible work schedules (attracting better knowledge workers), access to needed resources and not to mention cost savings for companies with less office space needed, lower commuting costs — and helping save the environment on top of it all!  The benefits are certainly obvious and abundant.

The challenge lies in giving remote workers complete and reliable access to company assets—so they can do their jobs just as if they worked in an office.  The ideal is to provide all needed resources that are essential to complete the job, even when the remote worker (employee, part-timer, contractor, etc.) is away from the traditional office.

Think about it from the remote workers’ perspective: They’re out there like an island. If you don’t support them, you’re not just isolating them—you’re doing yourself a disservice. Why? Because with access to the same tools on-site employees use, you can easily maximize their contribution to your company’s goals.  The benefits include savings in time and money for the company.  Plus, the company is more flexible to complete deliverables for clients because resources are deployed in a flexible, “do it from anywhere” operation.


This is where we come in. Mobile Remote Access Services (MRAS) from AT&T allows remote workers to utilize company assets on an ever-growing number of mobile devices, all while providing the company with a way to help ensure security, meet regulatory compliance, and keep costs low.

I’ll admit, when it comes to MRAS, I’ve only got the basics down. Fortunately, we’ve recently arranged a webinar with Mobility Product Manager, Jim Senior, and Senior Product Marketing Manager, Chad Rebuck.

When you attend this webinar you’ll discover:

  1. 3 ways you can save money by empowering remote workers — all easily done.
  2. The 5 steps needed to fully implement a successful deployment of remote IT and other office workers.
  3. The biggest advantage for using remote workers (this one will surprise you!).

Please join us for our upcoming webinar, and get the full story on Mobile Remote Access:


The security features of the office. The freedom of the road.

Mobile Remote Access: Work with security, on-the-go

Date: 11.10.11

Time: 2:00 PM US ET / 11:00 AM US PT

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