White Hat Hacker

Welcome to Security Tech Talk Tuesday. Each week, I’ll introduce terms to help our readers navigate conversations surrounding cybersecurity strategy. Past terms are archived for your reference. Check back each week for new entries.

What is a white hat hacker?

 White hat hacker: Computer security experts who penetrate networks to warn companies of gaps that a malicious attacker could exploit. They are often employed by the companies themselves to test the durability of their systems.

“White hat” is a throwback reference to film and TV westerns of yesteryear, when it was common symbolism that good guys wore white hats. Therefore, white hat hackers use their talents to analyze cybersecurity systems and warn organizations of security shortfalls that could draw the attention of malicious hackers.

Hiring hackers to test the strength of your cybersecurity can be useful and insightful. However, this should not be a one-time investment, as technology and cybersecurity needs change quickly. To help keep your cybersecurity posture current, your defenses should be updated and tested frequently.

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