Why Mobile Application Performance Should Be A #1 Priority

In his presentation 10 Golden Principles of Successful Web Apps, Fred Wilson asserts that the #1 principle for creating successful web apps is SPEED.  Did you know that for every one second of delay in loading, you lose 16 percent in customer satisfaction and 7 percent of sales conversions?  Mobile users have the exact same expectations about your mobile app/mobile website. 

Mobile browsing will soon eclipse traditional web browsing, so performance is something to think about NOW, not later.  Mobile users are often just checking out your app when they have a second in the checkout line, or at a red light.  Since SPEED is even more crucial in mobile, it follows that it is a requirement for app success, customer satisfaction and sales.

Ok, so faster apps will keep customers engaged, encourage purchasing, and draw them back to your site, while also reducing costs (less server usage).   Sounds like a win/win for your company. Are you ready to get started?

The Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) is a diagnostic tool that monitors how your mobile application uses the mobile network –which when used inefficiently can be a major performance issue.  By testing your application with ARO, you will be shown issues that are usually simple to resolve and will provide you with large performance improvements.   Over the last few years, I have tested hundreds of apps, and over 98% had potential to become faster. Odds are, so does your app.

In recent blog posts, I have discussed how caching can speed up your mobile app.

What are you doing to shore up the speed and performance of your applications? Share your experience in comments.
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