To support international business operations, corporate IT needs a fast and reliable network connecting widely distributed sites. This profile examines why North American-based multinational corporations tend to turn to Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) IP VPNs to do the job.

IT must ensure consistent application performance across geographic regions, including 24×7 remote IT support. This becomes more important as distributed companies adopt unified communications (UC), including VoIP and advanced videoconferencing solutions such as telepresence. Meanwhile, the increasing globalization of business is resetting customer and employee expectations about faster responsiveness and decision-making and easier team collaboration. Learn how multinationals are meeting the expectations by reading this paper.

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IT organizations within companies that are expanding and deepening their business operation in new and existing international markets need a robust and predictable WAN to help ensure business competitiveness. As more companies and their empowered workforces go global, corporate IT is standardizing its infrastructure on a common platform. In most cases, this includes implementing an all-IP intersite network, the core technology of which typically is MPLS. Why MPLS? Because it lets IT prioritize real-time applications like VoIP and video and performance-sensitive ones like ERP and CRM ahead of others across the WAN. Additionally, it supports more predictable application performance than older technologies for a more consistent end user experience at connected locations worldwide.