Why The Cloud App Matters

For some the idea of moving to the cloud means they can leave their old infrastructure behind and start with a shiny new environment for their applications.

Unfortunately, what is sometimes overlooked is that the application is the most important piece. If you have an application that is “garbage” before moving to the cloud, the application will still be “garbage” when it’s there.

I thought the cartoon below captured this issue perfectly:


Image from Geek and Poke

The idea of moving applications to the cloud is an opportunity for companies to rethink the way they use and deploy infrastructure and applications. Does it matter if that application is 10 or more years old?  Is there an opportunity to migrate to a new application package as part of a move to the cloud? Absolutely!

And what about that application that is always “unavailable” for one reason or another—is there an opportunity to allow for additional capacity, delivered on demand for that application in the cloud? Absolutely!

What about that application that a customer is looking to deliver to their customers—can that application benefit from being delivered via the cloud vs. hosted at a single customer site? Absolutely!

There are numerous examples of how cloud can increase efficiency and decrease application complexity. But an important first step is the need to talk with customers about the application challenges they’re facing. Once we understand these challenges we can then work to help them resolve those challenges and position cloud services as a way to reduce complexity going forward.

Let’s put an end to moving garbage into the cloud and hoping for the best…

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