Will smart watches transform the enterprise?

  • Companies must be prepared for smartwatches to enter the workplace and update their security and appropriate use policies.

  • The next generation of apps will be available on smartwatches.

  • Smartwatches will likely transform the health and fitness industry first.

With millions of consumers expected to purchase their first smart watches this year, wearable technology is about to become a serious game changer. Some industries will find themselves transformed more quickly than others by the presence of smart watches. In my opinion, the most noticeable impact will be in health and fitness, with amateur athletes tracking their heart beats, walking and running distances, and staying connected with their smart watches. But plenty of other industries will be impacted as well. Read on to understand what the first generation of these watches will bring to the marketplace.

The first device people will check:

Consumers today are used to pulling out their phones dozens of times a day to check their notifications. With smart phones literally attached on consumers’ wrists, smart watches are likely to become the most commonly checked devices, displacing phones.

A new place for apps:

We carry apps in our pocket with our smartphones, to the airport on our tablets, and to the office on our laptops. The next generation of apps will be even more accessible. They will be available on our wrists at all times.

Security and appropriate use policies: 

While employees will likely spend their own money buying personal smart watches and bringing them into the workplace, important questions remain for the enterprise. Companies will need to determine if these devices will be allowed to connect to in-office resources like computers, Wi-Fi, or smartphones. They’ll also need to determine if their BYOD policies provide sufficient guidance on how employees may use these devices in the workplace.

Health and fitness: 

Beyond the health and fitness apps that consumers will love, an enterprise should consider how these apps can transform health inside the workplace. Smart watches could help employees reach health goals and become more fit resources for the enterprise.

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