Wishful Thinking: What Can the Cloud Do for Me?

Looking into my Way-Forward machine I see the Cloud more clearly. Early technologies of today become the test beds for tomorrow’s cloud-based services. As I try to keep track of my deliverables, I’m struck by the need for something useful, like a second brain. It’d be nice if it could take calls or listen over my shoulder for things I might miss. Maybe it can notice when I’m not paying attention and keep a list of to-do items. But the best we can do today takes so much computing power that it’s unlikely I’ll be carrying one around in my pocket any time soon.

However, looking at the cloud systems coming online today I’m heartened. Offloading the necessary computing power to cloud farms makes these assistants possible. But that waiting is killing me. I’ve channeled my future blogger self and here is what I have to say.

Next-Generation Personal Information Managers

Virtual Personal Information Managers (PIMs) have been around since the early 2000s, not that you want to remember the dark ages. Companies promised they’d be our pal and tell us we were funny. They did basic calculations, remembered appointments, and could look up information. They were a glorified Google assistant with a calendar. The problem wasn’t with the vast amounts of stored information available to them. Storage as a Service gave us bottomless gigabytes of storage to throw our memories. The first forays into Platform as a Service, along with load balanced application platforms, gave us the ability to offer these AIs database retrieval systems and robust execution systems. Infrastructure as a Service gave us raw computing power by the hour to run these simple automatons. It worked because these early brain-files were little more than spreadsheets.

However the newest PIM has arrived and it rewrites what you know about similar systems; SimPIM Deluxe is based on the latest technologies from the best names in the cloud world. Built from the ground up to better integrate with your private and public clouds, SimPIM provides on-demand access to intelligent help via text, email, or voice. Simply attach a single SimPIM platform to your Cloud and it acts as a service inside the cloud, providing gateway access to search and retrieval, contextual assessment, and semantic analysis. These PIMs know what you mean when you ask them “What’s the best way to cook chicken,” or “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”

By acting as a service inside your cloud, SimPIM is able to respond more rapidly. Need to run 5 or 500 concurrent searches? Not a problem since the PIM acts as a gateway, accepting requests and spinning off tasks. This is made possible by the scalable nature of today’s cloud products based on advances dating back to 2012. Gone are the days when you logged into a portal just to spin up a virtual machine. Nothing could be more frustrating than rising from a peaceful slumber at 3 in the morning to logon to a portal and increase capacity. Now imagine your Internet connection is down.

The Maturation of Cloud – Good for You and Your Business

You see, yesterday’s clouds were incredibly manual. Signing a one-off deal, you worked in tandem with a company to build a private cloud that best suited their ability to provide. Your needs lay unmet due to unaffordable, immature technology. This led to dissatisfaction with early cloud PIMs and many users dismissed them as bar tricks.

Today we have a more mature cloud, capable of expanding at an API call to the orchestrator. These clouds attach themselves to your private network, or route to the public one. Without manual steps your cloud appears in minutes and capacity is automatic. These PIMs request additional resources as needed by issuing API calls for virtual assets ranging from database nodes to storage. Need clear and concise voice response? Coupled with speech recognition platforms running inside the PIM Cloud you have a full range of support options for your customers, not to mention valuable help with the more mundane tasks of daily life.

Can you imagine life before SimPIM? Don’t worry; SimPIM can bring up your webcam archive to remind you. Just ask.

What cloud-based services are you using to supercharge the way you work and live?
Jeff Morgan Lead Product Marketing Manager AT&T About Jeff